Glenn Community Center

The Glenn Community Center is a non-profit organization, organized in the community to promote activities which are recreational, charitable, and educational in purpose.


January 9th, 7:00-

GCC Board Meeting

(Public welcomed)

February 6th, 7:00-

GCC Board Meeting

(Public welcomed)

February 8th, 9-2-

GCC Market 

March 5th, 7:00-

GCC Board Meeting

(Public Welcomed)

March 14th, 9-2-

GCC Market 

April 2nd, 7:00-

GCC Board Meeting

(Public welcomed)

April 11th, 9-2-

GCC Market

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Join the Community center as an Individual, Family, or Corporate Member. Either way, you are joining a great group of people and contributing to your community.

We need volunteers to help support our sponsored events and activities. If you can share a little of your valuable time, click below and submit your name and a member of our board will contact you.

Are You Interested in Local History?



  • Participate in community events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Advertising opportunities for your business
  • Use the hall at a discount for events, seminars, or workshops
  • Receive email newsletters of what's happening in the area

We are hard at work planning our next Local History series here at The Glenn Community Center!


Please save the following dates:

Thursday, April 30th-Thursday, May 28th-Thursday, June 25th.

Events will take place at 7:00pm. 

 2020 Speakers will be announce soon!

6953 114th Ave.  Glenn, MI  49416    269-227-2262

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