​​President: Danielle Michael

Vice President: Renee Satterwaite
Secretary: Jill Woods

Treasurer: Angel Boyles-Jager


​Kathryn Kaufman 

Kathryn Jesser

Spencer Covey

Who We Are

We are proud to be a vital 501(c)(3)non-profit organization of Glenn, established in 1951.

Our Mission
The Glenn Community Center is a non-profit, 501 [c][3] civic organization, organized in the community to promote activities which are recreational, charitable and educational in purpose.

The Glenn Community Center is proud to host three Pancake Breakfasts every summer celebrate our local Glenn History as the Pancake Town. We also organize an annual Holiday Market and Winter Market to bring local vendors and shoppers together. These markets take place on Saturdays in November, December, February, & March. We are always looking for new volunteers and are appreciative of new ideas that come along with each new individual. 

Glenn Community Center

6953 114th Ave.  Glenn, MI  49416    269-227-2262

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